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Come in!

Choosing a Carpet & Tile Cleaning Company to rely on can be scary, we know. Relax. A Clean Get-Away has the expertise & machinery to bring your Carpet(s) and Tile back to life – on schedule and on budget. 

Our professional service brings a breath of fresh air to our clientele; our clients know that from the initial phone call until we leave their doorstep.....they are in good hands. 

Whether it’s a 1,200-square-foot home, or a large Hotel. A typical cleaning includes one or more of the following services:


A Clean Get-Away employees share your lust for a "Clean Get Away". The Technician sent to your Home or Business will oversee the entire cleaning from initial consultation to final walkthrough. We won't make our "Get Away" until you’re satisfied.

Our Team


What Clients Say About Us

“I’ve worked with several different Carpet Cleaners over the years and always felt almost satisfied. With James (owner of Clean Get away), I was thoroughly impressed.He addressed future problems so that my carpets would have a longer life, & didn't skip anything while cleaning the carpets. He even threw in deodorizer for free. I couldn’t be happier!”


Jill Mallard

Homeowner in Yorba Linda

"The owner before me failed to take care of the travertine. I called A Clean Get-Away and they came out in less than 72 hours to clean the tile & grout lines. After they were done the travertine looked brand new again. I was very impressed with the outcome & even though it was expensive to have the floor maintained it was well worth it in the end. I would recommend anyone that is looking to have their tile revamped to call A Clean Get-Away."


Gene Hammond

Homeowner in Newport Beach

“These guys absolutely nailed it! I told him what I wanted, told him how much I had to spend and he came back with a stunning work around that kept me happy. I won’t go anywhere else to have my carpets cleaned."


Harvey Gurden,

Homeowner in Old Town Orange